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ICT Academy is among best computer Institute in Karachi offers short to advanced of  IT courses has designed and delivers effective Information Technology workforce development training programs to transform participants into outstanding professionals; who as trained professionals will have the expertise and competence to compete for opportunities globally.

The Academy specializes in providing industry-standard IT training courses in Karachi for a variety of the areas in the computer industry to create career pathways that will lead to better and learned experience as an ICT professional.

ICT Academy strives continuously to provide training that covers the latest technologies and meets the certification objectives of internationally-recognized accreditation bodies, by frequently updating course contents.

ICT Academy Vision

Our Vision is to create a dextrous and skillful workforce in the discipline of Information Technology; which would play a constructive and positive role in the development of the country.

Certified Course

Our courses are designed by professionals to meet industries need

Professional Training

Our training based on live projects so students can learn in professional environment


ICT Academy offer internships to the qualified candidate

Job Placement

ICT Academy is partnership with software house and offer job placement for deserving candidates


Choose a Career That Suits You Best

Many ask, how they would become an IT Expert even after completing their bachelor’s in computer sciences. Well, it is time to stop worrying about this. As ICT Academy is offering a bunch of IT courses in Karachi that can tune your career. Choose any of the offered courses that appear to be suitable for your career and learn the core concepts that you need know to pursue a successful career. During the courses you would learn the best practices to use various development, designing, and administrative tools and alongside you may strengthen your foundation. Further, gain practical skills with the endorsements into the practical line of work.

Are you having trouble choosing a line for your career? Or you have the IT skills but are unable to start a job. Then let our consultants, help you pave your way towards a smooths and successful career. Our one-to-one counselors coach you to decide on a suitable line for you. It is a fact that everyone is not destined for freelancing. And the jobs are suitable for all the IT experts. Certainly, the counselors analyze your abilities and guide you the line in which you may receive a better and stable response.

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The Complete Web Developer Course

Our Mission is to provide World-Class ICT Education to anyone, anywhere.

The ICT Academy is a new digital, interactive and engaging education tool designed to maximize learning for professionals with busy schedules and smaller training budgets. ICT Academy delivers ICT technologies training, encourages students to get ICT Academy certification, and develops talents with practical skills for the ICT industry and the community.

ICT Academy is best computer institute in Karachi brings professionals together to share ideas and questions via the discussion forum.  By joining us you can create your own professional community; and in the process achieving professional development and learning.

Why ICT Academy is best IT institute and computer training center in Karachi?

  1. ICT Academy a Best IT Institute and computer training center in Karachi offers internship and job placement in certain cases to successful candidates.
  2. ICT Academy is running its own software house; so, can provide on-job training and practical experience on live projects to the desirous candidates.
  3. The faculty members are highly experienced and skilled professionals; who understand the market requirements, and train accordingly in the best possible manner.
  4. ICT Academy is cognizant of the international criteria and plans the curriculum accordingly.

Need Expert Advice?

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ICT Academy is a fine and effective IT learning project, which is reaching out to people Best Computer Institute in Karachi. ICT Academy has been created with a mission to provide an impressive learning experience that will equip students with the skills, expertise, and knowledge to adeptly perform in their respective discipline.

We aim to provide access to the most appropriate and befitting learning opportunities for all students regardless of their present learning status. We strive to provide a convivial and friendly study and work environment; with an approach to quality in teaching and learning.

At ICT Academy, the best computer institute and training in Karachi, our mission is to help those who cannot make it to the university attain the essential credentials that show competence in the modern field of Information Technology; and to provide in-demand Information Technology and Cybersecurity training, mentorship and job placement services to build a vibrant workforce that meets the growing demands for IT professionals in Sierra Leone.
You may be trying to design and create your own website to promote your business, or enhance your skills in the ICT department to improve your career prospects; or may you be desiring to comprehend cybersecurity mechanisms; our courses will help you to become an ICT expert in a short time. Recognize
Small micro modules to facilitate Personalized learning. The course modules are split into multiple micro-size segments, making your learning experience simpler. Students can practice at their own pace, first filling in gaps in their understanding and then accelerating their learning. Quiz Tests. There is a short quiz test after each module to enable you to consolidate what you have learned. Professional Advice. You will have direct contact with the teacher throughout the course.