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ICT ACADEMY has introduced the much-needed Amazon FBA course. Whether you are passionate about exploring opportunities for your career or need something to boost your business performance, then this is what you need. This course covers everything you need to work on Amazon. Maximize your profit while finding cheaper supplies and use cost-effective techniques. Further, the Amazon FBA courses mainly cover:

  • Finding distributors with cheaper prices
  • Getting a letter of authorization/ supplies to work as a reseller
  • Budgeting while hunting cheaper prices in the market with the wholesale formula
  • Use of various Amazon and affiliated tools to perform sales and purchases

Amazon FBA training course is part of one of the finest digital marketing programs you can find in Pakistan. ICT ACADEMY offers all the pieces of training and of course the certs to enhance your credibility in the market. Indeed, whether you plan to perform as an employee or venture your concern, you will have the requisite skills needed. Just to mention, ICT ACADEMY is one of the pioneers of IT development in Pakistan. And we have taken the responsibility to expand it further. For that, we brought in the Amazon seller course which is practically defined to root up the individuals and businesses.

Ahead of that, the best or the worst results may remain on your performance. But we will make you learn everything that can prosper your skills to perform professionally. In the present times, we recommend Amazon seller training if you are planning to surpass your competitors.

Just fill out the form and become the Amazon wholesale professional in no time!


The digital world is covering several new ways of doing business. Understanding and learning them unlocks the fresh patterns of earning profit. And for sure, letting your business away from losing revenue. Amazon wholesale course is the need of the hour. Since the entire market is digitalizing, grappling with the present trends is essential. Well, Amazon has been around for a long. Even it has been in Pakistan for a long time. But only a few had any grip on this marketplace. Luckily we have got the ties to sell from Pakistan. That means you have a private label, or stock a label of someone else, you can easily expand your business in foreign lands.

ICT ACADEMY brings you the best Amazon course that will strengthen your abilities to work on amazon. While moving ahead, let us introduce you to the Amazon FBA.


Reducing the costs of sales is one of the primary functions of every business. That is where the FBA wholesale comes in. Fulfillment by Amazon aka FBA is the process of expanding the market scope of local products to the out-of-scope markets. That means where you can send the products or do not have resources, Amazon would do that for you. This way the exposure for your products increases, levering greater margin. However, you need to have the right skills in place to begin this. And for that, you may look for the best Amazon FBA course. Well, we have to do that for you. Wherever you are in Pakistan, just fill in the form and begin your online Amazon wholesale course.

For the sake of encouragement, it is an opportunity for all those who seek digital business skills. The best Amazon FBA courses would unlock your abilities to market and sell your products without any movement. Further, there is more to come, and this is just the beginning.


Leading from the front is indeed a mystery, but you can make a practical approach to stand fast in the competition. That is where the best Amazon FBS training courses come into play. It is not only for the fresher. Existing entrepreneurs with years of experience should also take the benefit of this course, as it will empower them to internationally market and sell their products.

With this course, you can learn everything about Amazon wholesale business. What to bring in, what should trend most and how to capture the most while investing less. These all and much more similar approaches are a part of this course. ICT ACADEMY takes the responsibility to bring this essential skill to Pakistan.


ICT ACADEMY serves entire Pakistan. When it comes to professional training and development, we are the pioneers. We enlighten the path towards practical performance which ensures long-term results, rather than quick and savvy results lasting for a short time. That is one of the reasons we have brought in the Amazon FBA training. It is long-lasting and can widen the approach of doing business in Pakistan.

Along with that, the top Amazon FBA courses can develop your abilities to understand the digital business scope. The plethora of digital business is clouding the world for good, then why not take the benefit of it?


Is the Amazon FBA course online?

The Amazon FBA courses at ICT ACADEMY are online as well as in-class sessions. Certainly, you can take the course from anywhere in Pakistan. Further, you will get the link for the virtual session on the session day.

How long Amazon FBA training course takes?

The length of the Amazon seller course varies from training to training. The shortest of them is one and a half months. Further, the length of the course depends on the knowledge to be covered. Additionally, the length may increase based on your skills development progress.

Are there any Amazon seller training tools?

There are a certain set of tools for Amazon seller training courses. Your instructor shall guide you accordingly, and each of the tools will be with you for free as long as the course lasts.

Who can enroll for Amazon wholesale course?

This best Amazon course is for every individual or group, having the basic education. Further, there is no cap or limit. If you can understand the language of the course and know the basics of digital businesses and E-Commerce, you can enroll in this course.


  • Introduction and Product Hunting using tools
  • How to search dead listings using tools
  • Introduction about rankings and ratings
  • Website and social media presence
  • Supplier Distributor Hunting
  • Brand Approval and Category Approval
  • How to create and attach with the branded listing?
  • Shipment Creation
  • Ordering and Inventory Management
  • Invoicing and get Resell or Authority Letters
  • Cost (Profit Calculation) and PPC Campaigns
  • Automate Pricing and How to handle Account
  • Amazon Customer Support Issues

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    • Duration 50 hours
    • Skill level All levels
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    ₨60,000.00 ₨45,000.00