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Graphic design is a necessary skill for every developer and advertiser. It includes designing logos, styles, infographics, animation, and posts. The graphic design course in Karachi can enable you to become an expert designer. Further, various fields need graphic designing services. Such as the web developers need the designers for their websites. Similarly, mobile app developers, need designers to create app designs. Along with that, the digital marketing companies need the services of graphic designers to create ads. Certainly, every digital and analog service need graphic designers. If there is no institute near your home, the online graphic design courses in Pakistan can help you acquire this skill.

The market for graphic designers is ever increasing. The rise in the digital market and web mobile app development is engaging more and more graphic designers. The greater the number of ventures, the higher the requirement. Certainly, if you learn graphic design, you will add up a lucrative skillset to your resume. It will be an attraction for employers. As well as, it will become a source of earning for you. Well, no to forget, the graphic design is one of the highest-paid jobs in the world. Focus on enhancing your skills, and you will be able to multiply your income. Indeed you have the benefit of a graphic design course in Karachi that can help you become a graphic designer.

The online graphic design courses in Pakistan have reasonable admission criteria. Just some basic past education is required to learn graphic design. After you have graduated the course, your chances of employment will increase. And most of them will become certain. Also, you will have the ability to freelance your skills. And that way, you will be able to become self-employed.


Lesson 1: Color Theory

  • Understanding Color
  • Color Wheel
  • Types of Color
  • Warm and Cool Color
  • Color Psychology

Lesson 2: Introduction to vector graphics and the design principles

  • Introduction to design
  • History of design
  • Graphic Design Process
  • Introduction to Design elements
  • Introduction to design principles
  • Differences between vector-based graphics and pixel-based graphics
  • Visualization

Lesson 3: Storyboard for Graphics and How to Design a Logo

  • Introduction to Storyboard
  • Storyboard for Graphic Design
  • Steps for designing a logo

Lesson 4: Working With Adobe Illustrator

  • Illustrator Workspace Environment
  • Working with Documents
  • Working with Objects
  • Modifying Fill and Stroke Attributes
  • Saving Documents
  • File Formats
  • Art Board Tool

Lesson 5: Working with Drawing Tools & Fill Options

  • Gradients and Patterns
  • Drawing Tools
  • Working with groups, Layers, and Transparencies
  • Measuring Objects

Lesson 6: Working with Pen Tool

  • Magic wand tool and Lasso tool
  • Tracing Raster Graphics
  • Converting Tracing to Paths
  • Understand Layers

Lesson 7: How to create Compound Shapes

  • Compound Paths
  • Path Finder
  • Clipping Mask
  • How to create a Pattern
  • Live Paint Bucket Tool
  • Working with brushes
  • Adding Effects

Lesson 8: Working with Typography

  • Intro to typographic terms
  • Text tools in Illustrator
  • Stroking text
  • Outlining text
  • Create a Logo

Lesson 9: Creating Corporate Identity

  • Corporate identity
  • Flyer
  • Press Ad

Lesson 10: Working With Adobe Photoshop

  • Introduction to Photoshop CS6
  • Image Size and Resolution
  • Creating a New Document
  • Opening and Closing a Document
  • Creating a Workspace
  • Scanning images
  • Using Adobe Bridge
  • Cropping images
  • Working with Canvas Size
  • Transforming Objects
  • Copy Paste options

Lesson 11: Working with Layer & Selection Tools

  • Layers
  • Adjustment Layer
  • Working with Layer Comps
  • Selection Tools

Lesson 12: Working with Layer Masking & Channels

  • Layer Masking
  • Selection through Refine Edges
  • Channels
  • Selection through channels

Lesson 13: Histogram, image adjustments & Filters

  • Color Corrections
  • Histogram
  • Image Adjustments
  • Filters

Lesson 14: Working with Retouching Tools & Techniques

  • Retouching tools
  • Retouching Techniques
  • Painting tools

Lesson 15: Text Effects in Adobe Photoshop

  • Text Effects
  • Brush Presets
  • Stroking Selections
  • Shape Tools
  • Work Path
  • Clipping Path

Lesson 16: Working with Filters

  • Using the liquefy Command
  • Lens Correction filter
  • Vanishing Point
  • Actions
  • Batch Command

Lesson 17: Web Layouts & Animation

  • Working with Slices
  • Saving Files for Web
  • Animation

Lesson 19: Working With Adobe Indesign

  • Workspace
  • Working with Panels
  • Customizing Workspace
  • Working With Documents
  • Working With Layouts

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    ₨50,000.00 ₨35,000.00